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>> Nursery Industry Approves Ioteq's BioMaxA Iodine

After 6 months of vigorous investigation, NIASA, the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia, has approved the use of Ioteqs BioMaxA Iodine for use by its members as a suitable water disinfection method in the Nursery industry.


After successful nursery trials in the field, growers became excited at the positive results achieved from the use of BioMaxA Iodine as used in the Isan System. This prompted a number of growers to recommend to Ioteq that it applies for approval of this product by NIASA.


Iodine is an effective and powerful disinfectant in water. By applying BioMaxA Iodine to nursery irrigation water in controlled dosages from the Isan System, the operator can effectively disinfect the irrigation water that is supplied to the plants. Ioteqs Isan System can accurately and consistently deliver the powerful BioMaxA Iodine disinfectant to the irrigation water. Many of Ioteqs growing nursery customer base  have reported reduction in fungal disease on the plant and root system. BioMaxA Iodine is also gentle on root structures and plant cells.


The Isan System also allows the operator to recycle the irrigation water to be reused again and again. Growers face the ever increasing cost of water, as well as environmental regulation limiting the release of nutrient rich water into the environment. Using the Isan System with BioMaxA Iodine growers can be confident in recycling their water, whilst defending against harmful plant diseases.


Some of the positive effects seen in the field are:


·        Whitening of roots of plants to aid in increased nutrient uptake for faster growth.

·        Roots appear longer with more fine hairs coming off the root ends

·        Deeper and brighter colours for flowers as a result of increased nutrient uptake.

·        Reduced losses

·        Control of a host of typical nursery diseases.


Now everyone can be confident that using BioMaxA Iodine has the stamp of approval from the experts at NIASA, to give growers every advantage possible to grow healthy and strong plants and flowers.

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